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Q1. What is program and Software?

A Program is a set of an instruction that computer can execute step by step where as Software is a collection of programs that are used to make any new application as well as new application software.


Q2. What is operating system?

· Operating system acts as an interface between the user and the application software, & Peripheral devices.

· There are number of operating system available in the market like: - WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX etc.


Q3. What are the different functions of operating system?

· It manages the system memory.

· It maintains files.

· It acts as an interface between the user and devices.

· It controls all the system resources.


Q4. What is Language Translator and why we required it?

· Language translator basically translates the high level language to machine level language and vice versa.

· As we know that CPU only understand the machine language that is in binary digits i.e. 0 and 1 and we generally work in high level language i.e. our programming language that are C, C++, V.B etc. So for execution of our program we required language translator that convert our program into machine level language.

· Compiler and Interpreter is the language translator.


Q5. What is the difference between the Compiler and Interpreter?

The compiler compiles all the instruction of our program at one time where as the interpreter compile our program line- by - line.


Q6 Explain the application Software?

· Basically application software that is a program that perform a function directly for the users.

· It includes the programs that do real work for users.

For e.g. Microsoft world, excel etc.


Q7. Explain the System software?

· System software contains program that operate our computer system and that are stored in a read only memory.

· It includes the operating system and all the utilities that enable the computer to perform functions.



Q8. What is programming language?

· A programming language is a language that is used to create programs that contains a set of instruction in it.

· A programming language is a high level language.

· A number of programming languages we used to create program and application like C, C++, JAVA, and V.B.


Q9. What is Open Source Software?

· Open Source software are those software that are freely available including its source code.

· Open source software is freely available on the internet and we are able to download it with its source code form the internet without give any cost.

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computer software concepts

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