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Is there a reason for you to learn Greek if you're not a scholar who was tasked to study contemporary Greek literature or if you are not married to a Greek Adonis? You would surely be surprised to find the most wonderful reasons for learning Greek.

First off, learning a second language is necessary for those who would like to spend their valuable time doing something useful rather than watching canned soap operas on TV. The best thing about choosing to learn Greek is that you are studying a language that is close to Latin yet still alive, changing, and being used. In fact, the Greek language has so much influence to many languages that are considered lingua franca. For modern English per se, you have the words democracy, mathematics, Theospian, philosophy, and many more. These words have conquered the modern world first through Latin then French which are both strongly influenced by the Greek language. It is also said that the Greek language is the most documented language in whole world, for a span of three thousand years. The modern Greek language comes from the Byzantine period during the 11th century. It is a language that has many inflections and articles and verbs that conjugate. As a matter of fact, some say it is close to the English language structure.

It is said that Greek is spoken by about 12 million people who come from several countries such as Romania, Russia, Canada, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and even the United States. That only means that if you know the Greek language it would be easier for you to find opportunities in these countries as well.

Greece is a favorite travel spot for many people. We owe it to its rich history, heritage, and culture. One doesn't have to be a scholar or a historian if only to enjoy the ancient architecture that is still part of the thriving culture in Crete, Athens, and the many historical places in Greece. Now there is a great reason for you to learn the language, travel and while you're at it, you can as well read its rich body of literature.

The Greek language also has great use even at home. When you are familiar with the Greek words, you would not find it difficult to understand scientific names as most of them have semblance to Greek words. In fact that is one of the reasons why people say it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, if you look at it, many people can actually breeze through learning the language as Latin words are part and parcel of almost any language in the modern world. Lawyers and law students would find it easy to learn the language as compared to reading their court rulings, pleadings, and court cases that are all laced with Latin and Spanish.

One good thing about learning the Greek language is that you won't have to find a language trainer for it. You can just listen on your iPod Pimsleur's Greek language learning audio and you surely will learn the language gradually yet tightly. The best thing is, you can do it while walking your dog to the park.

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Learn Greek in Rapid Time

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This article was published on 2010/03/27