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Learning English as a second language can be a very difficult feat. When you are trying to learn English you should make sure that you are patient with yourself and that you allow yourself plenty of time to learn the language.

First, you want to start by getting an excellent bilingual dictionary. This dictionary will enable you to start comparing words from your own language with the words in the English dictionary, giving you some vocabulary lesions.

When you are looking at the word you want to make sure you are not learning just how to pronounce the word. You should also know what part of speech the word is so that you can start making comparisons between verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on.

As you begin to get better with the English language you will be able to get rid of this dictionary. Eventually you will be able to have an English only dictionary that will give you the opportunity to look up new words that you hear.

Second, when you are learning any language you have to make sure that you are consistent. There are a lot of people that study for a few hours every once in a while without really putting in the proper amount of dedication and time.

This means that you are going to have to schedule your study routine. By scheduling your study routine you will have a much easier time staying on track which will enable you to finish this process much quicker than you expected.

When you have scheduled the time slot to study you must make the most out of your time. Instead of just reading over the material and doing an exercise each day, you want to make sure that you are really studying what is being taught.

Being interested in what you are learning can be a great motivator. When you are not interested in the language you are learning or in the type of words you are learning it will be a lot harder to be dedicated to the lessons and practicing.

You should make sure that you are catering your lessons towards your likes and interests. If you like American films you can start by reading and studying the movies in the English language or you can read American news in English.

When you are learning you are inevitably going to make mistakes. Making mistakes will help you through the learning process and enable you to truly learn the material which means you do not want to be too hard on yourself when you do mess up.

Take the time to learn from your mistake so that you do not repeat it. Once you learn from the lesson there is no point in beating yourself up over it or focusing on the mistake instead of focusing on what else you could be learning.

Another great way to keep yourself learning is to try to practice thinking in English. While you are practicing in English verbally you also want to be taking the time to practice the English in your mind.

The number one key to becoming fluent in the language is practice. Taking the time to practice all of the words that you use throughout the day will enable you to bridge the gap between your language and English much quicker.

If you have a friend that speaks English you can start speaking to him or her in this language as often as possible. Talking with a friend will allow you to practice the type of language that you would use in everyday conversation.

When you are taking the time to learn the language you will want to participate in different activities with this friend. Speaking the language in different settings will ensure that you know how to use your vocabulary extensive.

You also have to remember that each individual learns differently. There are many different learning styles and your may be different than the people that are striving to learn the language around you.

Finding how you learn best is important to your growth in the language. You want to make sure that you are taking the time to understand your learning style and allow yourself to learn in this way.

Finally, if you are having trouble with your learning experience you want to make sure and hire a teacher. A certified English language teacher may help you understand the language much better than if you are trying to learn it all on your own.
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Learning English As A Second Language

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This article was published on 2010/11/19