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Say is Clerk Basic skills, some people may say, speak Well, someone! Long was not only used their mouths to eat, the most important auxiliary function is to speak, unless he is mute! Some say: "language is Wealth ! "This remark him out. Will be the speaker can be the impossible, war and peace. Who does not speak, can only be busy in creating confusion, and in increasingly bad. We know that many people in history is obtained through a mouth world, (such as: Hitler, Napoleon, Chiang pillar ... ...) as they are not famous before, are Life In the bottom of society. For example, Hitler, in his 28 years of age, or force a soldier, but Hitler's eloquence is first rate, said to his speech, his audience spellbound Jiugen-like, forget the self, into a frenzied state !

This is the language of the charm. Our work is entirely Zuiyi Zhang salesman, the company's strength and image of all, through you, the first exchange with the client as seen. If you're upset, East 1 West 1, the customer does not know what you really want to express the meaning, with no interest in talking to, and where there Cooperation The possibility of it! So, talking to the proposed is: through your language message, to get attention, a strong resonance near and on your person or to identify with the views put forward, inadvertently follow you thinking go This achieved our desired objectives and results. Sales, you can simply mean that you tell him to let others accept the recommendation of the products or Service , Which are basically all the activities to be completed by the language of communication, if you can not convince him to accept your product or service, is his reason for him not to convince you! Now I will tell you a story about language:

Say is that there is a dedicated sales Generator The clerk, one day received a customer complaint calls, angry customers on the phone said: too bad your company's products, and did not take long generator on the hot, strongly urge the return! After the business answered the phone said: Do not worry, I personally come and look at the situation. Salesman came to the factory after the ground informed, on to the boss said: boss, now the outside temperature is 30 , right? The boss said, is ah! Clerk then asked: generator in use the normal temperature is 36 ?? 38 between the right? The boss said, is ah! Clerk then asked: 30 +36 with 66 , right? The boss said, is ah! Clerk immediately asked: 66 our hands on the objects do not feel hot? The boss said, is ah! Last salesman asked: Then we will embark on a 66 to feel some hot generator is not normal situation? The boss said, is ah! You see, the boss said this is normal, that is also what goods it back!

This story is not quite the classic it? Just a few words to let customers completely convinced, not only to restore economic losses for the company, has set a corporate and personal image, but also maintains a partnership, can truly be said is kill three birds.

Some people may ask, then what is a will to speak up? People will be talking with three distinct characteristics:

1. Wealth of knowledge. As I mentioned earlier, a talking, he is omniscient. Chatted versed in what can come to one point. So, the real business is the origin of knowledge. Because the knowledge you acquire, the more confidant with the customer to find topics like resonance, and more familiar with the customer like a bell of knowledge, on one more chance to succeed.

2. Strong language skills and distinctive style. Strong language skills is to say, when we speak the language clear, smooth, full of feelings. Some people in his speech, the articulation is unclear, not be rational, or, as a very lively thing that came out from his mouth, felt lack and tasteless, these phenomena with our language skills are not strong has a direct relationship.

Language skills not come naturally, are acquired through learning and training has been gradually formed. Napoleon, we know that he is not only a military strategist, also a speaker. His military order may come from talent, but his speech could have been acquired from his study and training. With his secretary mentioned in his memoirs later, when Napoleon in the toilet, and often heard him squat Toilet On to himself, mainly his own mouth in the training of flexibility of the muscles. General adoption of the following ways to improve our language ability;
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Salesman Selling Language Arts - Salesman Basic Skills, Language Arts - Beauty Salon Industry

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