Sanskrit Conference Of Sanskrit Boards In Delhi

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What does a conference mean? Put your dictionaries far away. They sometimes don’t  give a clear image in our mind. In colloquial usage, conference is meeting of numbers of people who have the same concern about serious discussion on the challenges and problems regarding their interested topic. Its parts are paper presentations, question/answer sessions, unimportant interferences even as well as grumbling on not garnering enough time for participants to raise their voices.


Obviously, the ‘Sanskrit' conferences are not exception. Worst, the paper presenters don't bother about living Sanskrit. The love glamour, it appears. According to  them, referring to the some dead quotations suffices to show their study level of Sanskrit. In the name of Sanskrit they want to publicize their command over English! See the resolution they pass at the end. Usually they urge the Indian Government  to do that, this, that, this. They don't pass any resolution regarding Sanskrit writers. I do not  know whether the modern Sanskrit writers  are remembered even once by these paper-presenters cum English-devotees! We will  be utter-stupids by thinking that Sanskrit upliftment is possible  by conducting  carnivals  of  these  English speaking, suit-boot-wearing and Ph.D holding University servants . More over, they urge the universities to produce more white elephants in the name of ‘Sanskrit research'.


Their  concern regarding universities can be understood easily. After all these  University-children shall show their loyalty !


They shall understand that Sanskrit is language of the people, by the people and for the people.


Sanskrit shall be given supreme place in Sanskrit departments. Professors of these departments are parroting the names of Whitney, MacDonald, Keith, Max Muller  so on and so  forth. But even in the wildest dreams they don't utter the names of Charudevashastri, Raamaajnaa Pandeya, Narendranatha Bagachi, Gopalashastri Nene, Sabhapatimishra and the like. They  don't have least interest in the names of scholars like Bhattasri Mathuranathashastri (the editor of Kadambari of Baana) and  K.S.Varadacharya(commentator on Nyaayamanjarii and Tattvamuktaakalapa.).It is true that, some times they utter  the names of Indian scholars who have  written something in English like D.C. Guha(of ‘Navyanyaya system of logic' fame). Krishnavallabhacharyas Tattva prabhaavali (A work in justification of Swami Naaraayana's logical views adopting the style of Navyanyaaya ) they don't know.


May we hope that the coming  ‘world  fair of Sanskrit' will  show consideration regarding the role of Skt. departments of Universities as promoting creative writing and not Ph.D. generation, They have to  guide  the students on how to write good Sanskrit. Creative writing is very  must  essential for  survival  of Sanskrit and not the melodramas like participations in seminars for paper presentation.


Passing the resolution (in which there will be no word for writing career) shall  not  be only duty of the participants of conference.


May  we hope that the ‘World trade of Sanskrit' shall not invite the political officials to inaugurate and read the speech prepared by somebody else in non-Sanskrit language which urges the government to encourage Sanskrit studies!


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Sanskrit Conference Of Sanskrit Boards In Delhi

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This article was published on 2010/04/17