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You need not count the reasons why learning a second language is an advantage. Impressing your crush with a pick-up line laced with French is surely one. Nowadays, the opportunities for business, friendship, and even romantic relationships have become limitless. If only you can beat that language barrier, you may even be lucky to find girlfriend materials from all over the globe.

But you think that the only thing easily done in French is the kiss and that learning a second language should have been done when you were still mumbling at age five. Think again. It's never late to learn anything whether you are five, twenty-five, or fifty-five! Your brain, no matter how intellectually manipulated you boast it is, is actually less than half-exhausted just like anyone's, maybe even Einstein's.

So what snags you? There are many materials and tools that could help you learn another language. All these claim to teach you in the simplest and most enjoyable way. For your money's worth, make sure you get help that will truly make the learning experience easy, quick, and fun.

Then learning a second language the Pimsleur way using audio books may just be the stuff for you. With this, you don't have to be a genius to speak a new language in a short time. You don't have to keep count on the number of foreign words you know. You only have to remember and grasp those that you can use. Here's the catch. All these you can do even while you are on the treadmill, strolling out with your dog, preparing dinner, or stuck in traffic in your car with a boring date.

The Pimsleur approach is your ticket to simple language learning. Once you are in it, learning becomes as easy as when you were in kindergarten class. It does not force-feed you with many new words your poor brain could absorb. What you would learn are those that you would really use in conversing in ordinary daily situations. If you are German, you don't need to grasp the usage of 'piquant' to express yourself to an attractive American fraulein. Talk like Shakespeare and you sound German for the American ear.

It is through listening that languages are best learned. You did not learn the correct pronunciations of your first language just by reading nursery books. It was from your mom and dad who read you bedside stories and taught you your first few words. Using audio books for language learning does the same to you. The pleasant voice in the audio file, certainly not your mom's though, helps a lot in your effort to become skilled at a new tongue.

With the Pimsleur method, language learning is never boring. It is much fun and easy; you would begin to rethink about your concept of learning as synonymous with school. More so, when it is through an audio book from The Talking Bookstore; language learning made easy and exciting!

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Second Language Learning Made Simple

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This article was published on 2010/03/30