Why Learn in Your Car is a Best Selling Language Program

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Hank Raymond is the creator of Learn in Your Car Series which has sold over 4 million copies since 1995.

The Learn In Your Car language program published by Penton Overseas is specifically designed for people on the go. It can be used during any activity, but as the name implies it was created for the person in their car. The reason this series targets drivers is so that people can make productive use of their time spent behind the wheel to learn a foreign language. I have talked to thousands of people who would like very much to learn a foreign language, but most of them can't afford to spend the time to sit down in front of a computer or sit down with a book to do it. All of these people do have time available to learn while driving their cars. Language programs that require visual aids are not suitable for learning while driving for obvious reasons.

The LIYC program has several features that make it especially suitable for drivers:

  1. It is a completely audio program: Although a text of the complete script of the program is included for reference, the program is designed to be an audio-only program. For obvious reasons, it is essential that any program designed for a driver be audio only.
  2. The script is written so that only one new word is introduced per sentence: This is a very important feature that is not found in any other language program. Since the driver/student already knows all the words in a sentence except one, this allows him/her to identify a newly introduced word by sound without having to refer to visual aids. Other language programs introduce multiple words per sentence which makes it impossible to tell which word is which without referring to a book or monitor.
  3. The format of the pauses is specifically designed so that visual aids are not necessary: The phrase/pause format is, "English, (pause), Target Language, (pause), Target Language, (pause)." This format works especially well with an audio-only program because the target language phrase is repeated twice followed each time by pauses where students can repeat it. This enables students to identify and concentrate on a part of the phrase where they may be having trouble without having to refer to visual aids. Then as students progress, they can measure their progress by realizing they can speak the target language phrase in the first pause before they hear it in the target language for  the first time.
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Why Learn in Your Car is a Best Selling Language Program

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This article was published on 2010/03/31